“To understand The Beatles, you have to understand Liverpool.” David Bedford

David Bedford's Book
David Bedford’s Book
The Country of Liverpool
The Country of Liverpool

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Discover more about David’s Beatles books and projects: Liddypool; The Fab one hundred and Four: The Evolution of The Beatles; Finding the Fourth Beatle; Inspector Rocke; The Country of Liverpool; The Beatles Fab Four Cities and more. David was also the historian and an associate producer for “Looking for Lennon”, the documentary feature film.

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The Beatles Detective
The Beatles Detective

David is The Beatles Detective

There are some events in Beatles history that are contentious. David uses his forensic skills to examine these key moments, searching for the evidence.

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David Bedford’s Beatles Blog

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Discover more about The Beatles and Liverpool through David’s blog posts, examining the stories behind the biggest events and stories in Beatles history.

David Bedford's podcast Liddypod
David Bedford’s podcast Liddypod

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David Bedford, together with his friend, Paul Beesley, started their podcast a couple of years ago and it has become a unique and popular Beatles’ Liverpool podcast, with discussions and unique interviews too.

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Liverpool Beatles Tours
Liverpool Beatles Tours

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David writes for the British Beatles Fan Club magazinehttp://www.britishbeatlesfanclub.co.uk

“Liddypool: Birthplace of The Beatles”

Beatles Historian David Bedford has penned an entertaining and informative new book on the Beatles and Liverpool, that will not only give readers a glimpse of the real Liverpool, but hopes to separate fact from fiction. “To understand The Beatles, you have to understand Liverpool,” says Bedford.


Pete Best with David Bedford
Pete Best with David Bedford

Former Beatles drummer Pete Best certainly believes Liddypool is the definitive book on his hometown.
“Without going into too much detail because that would spoil it for when you read the book, I found it to be different in layout, ideas and topics, and, before I forget, here was an author that wasn’t afraid to express his own views and theories and blow some fresh air into early Beatles history.

“Having been a Beatle for two years and not professing to be a Beatle historian, to me this book is totally enlightening.”
Pete Best, former Beatles drummer


Liddypool by David Bedford
Liddypool by David Bedford

Featuring interviews with Pete Best, Allan Williams, The Quarrymen, Bill Harry, Alistair Taylor, Ken Brown, Julia Baird and many more. Discover 59 homes, 24 schools and 103 venues on 336 full-colour pages, with 800 photographs.

“At last Liverpool has the Beatles book it deserves. ‘Liddypool’ has been lovingly assembled, diligently researched and lavishly illustrated. I’d pay the cover price for the pictures alone.” Steve Turner, author of “A Hard Day’s Write”

“It’s great to see a book from an author who is trying to sieve his way through all the various myths, legends and half-truths and paint a realistic picture of what really happened.” Rod Davis, The Quarrymen