Foreword by Pete Best

Pete Best with David
Pete Best with David

“When the author, Dave Bedford, asked me to write the foreword to his book I was quite surprised and flattered, so I agreed to do it. Then the reality of the situation hit me and I thought, what am I going to write that hasn’t been said before about The Beatles? I had no answer, so my first mission was to read Liddypool from start to finish. As I was reading and turning the pages I suddenly realised and said to myself, Hey, I’m enjoying this! The reasons why, you may ask?

Without going into too much detail because that would spoil it for when you read the book, I found it to be different in layout, ideas and topics, and done in such a way that it was easy to remember the vast amount of detail that was revealed to the reader. Oh yes, and before I forget, here was an author that wasn’t afraid to express his own views and theories and blow some fresh air into early Beatles history.

The icing on the cake for me was the guide to Liverpool and Beatle folklore with an explanation about each location. Having been a Beatle for two years and not professing to be a Beatle historian, for me this was totally enlightening. To those who read this book, I hope that you find it the same.

The author refers to himself as ‘I’m Partly Dave’. As far as I am concerned, he is ‘A Whole Dave’.”

Pete Best