The Liddypool Quiz!

The Quarrymen at the Casbah
The Quarrymen at the Casbah

Do You Need Another Beatles Book?

“Do You Want to Know a Secret?”

If you can answer all of these questions correctly, then you probably don’t need this book. If you can’t, then read on. All of this information is in the public domain, so I’m not being that cruel!

  • Which club is rightly called the Birthplace of The Beatles? I’ll give you a start as well, as it’s the first question! The CA_ _ _ _
  • When Stuart Sutcliffe stayed in Hamburg with Astrid, who became The Beatles’ left-handed bass guitar player? His first name has 4 letters if you need help: _ _ _ _
  • Who reformed the Quarrymen in the summer of 1959 after they hadn’t played together for 7 months, and what was the new line-up?
  • Who were the Liverpool Foursome who blazed the trail for the Merseybeat bands in Hamburg?
  • Who was the common link, without whom Paul McCartney and John Lennon would never have met?
  • Whose surname should have been Parkin?
  • Which Beatles admitted that they wanted to be a hairdresser?
  • Which Beatle was voluntarily excluded from religious instruction by his parents when he started primary school?
  • Which of The Beatles sang in a church choir?
  • Who was the Pretty Nurse of Penny Lane?

How did you do? All the answers are in this book, plus many more stories from the famous, and not so famous, people who came across The Beatles in their lifetime. There are stories you’ll never have heard before: stories that seem familiar, and stories that have grown in myth, which can now be corrected!

Liddypool by David Bedford
Liddypool by David Bedford