What is Liddypool?

“Shout Airborne” aka Speke Airport

Liddypool – Birthplace of The Beatles

What, or where, is Liddypool? Well it doesn’t take a great leap of imagination to realise this is Liverpool, but it is written in the language from the strange world of John Lennon. It is a wonderful bit of prose for those Scousers who could understand – in the main – what he was talking about. It first appeared in Mersey Beat.

Liddypool by John Lennon

Reviving the old tradition of Judro Bathing is slowly but slowly dancing in Liddypool once more. Had you remembering the owld custard of Boldy Street blowing. The Peer Hat is very populace for sun eating and Boots for Nude Brighter is handys when sailing. We are not happy with Queen Victorious Monologue, but Walky Through Gallery is goodly when the rain and Sit Georgie House is black and white from the little pilgrims flying from Hellsy College. Talk Hall is very hysterical with old things wot are fakes and King Anne never slept there I tell you. Shout Airborne is handly for planes if you like (no longer government patrolled) and the L.C.C.C. (Liddypool Cha Cha Cha) are doing a great thing. The Mersey Boat is selling another three copies to some go home foreigners who went home.

There is a lot to do in Liddypool, but not all convenience.”  

“Liddypool” from In His Own Write And A Spaniard In The Works by John Lennon, published by Jonathan Cape/Pimlico. Reprinted by permission of The Random House Group Ltd.

Find out the full meaning of John’s “Liddypool” in the book.

Liddypool by David Bedford
Liddypool by David Bedford